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, a developing story out of afghanistan. afghan officials say one of two u.s. sailors abducted friday is dead. the other may be wounded and in the hands of the taliban. we'll have a live report. >>> plus, preparing for the worst as arizona's controversial immigration law kicks in next week. a tent city jail with triple-digit temperatures and an expanded section, 1070 name after the new legislation. >>> but first, let's go to some severe weather that's popping up. bonnie schneider in the weather center. >> we're tracking a tornado warning right now for suffolk county on long island in new york. that's on eastern part of new york as you can see here. a tornado possibly indicated on doppler radar near babylon on the south shore. so some communities affected will be robert moses state park where a lot of people go to the beach on a weekend day where it's so hot. as well as islip, you can see the line where the tornado warning is in effect until 4:15 p.m. also as you head further out east towards east patchogg facing very severe winds. we had a severe weather with an ef-2 tornado touching down. tr
and getting a lay of the land. following that, he wept to the u.s. embassy for fourth of july celebrations a day before the actual american independence day. that's where he and u.s. ambassador, karl eikenberry welcomed and greeted several hundred dignitaries. he spoke to the crowd and said a united front must be met to have success in the war in afghanistan. >> i'm reminded that this is an effort in which we must achieve unity of effort and common purpose. civilian and military, afghan and international, we are part of one theme with one mission. in this important endeavor, cooperation is not optional. this is a tough mission. there is nothing easy about it. >> following the embassy event, general petraeus met with his top commanders here on the ground in afghanistan to assess the situation. his most important meeting of the day is that with the afghan president, hamid karzai. he needs to build a very strong relationship to show a unite td front between the nato coalition and the afghan government. president karzai had a very strong relationship with the former top commander, general stan
of mexico. >>> all right. this fourth of july holiday weekend, a surprise for u.s. troops in iraq. a visit from vice president joe biden and his wife jill. the couple's visit comes as american troops are scheduled to draw down in iraq late next month. here's more from baghdad. >> reporter: it was especially surprising that vice president biden was accompanied by his wife, jill biden. the two will be spending the fourth of july with the troops attending a number of events. vice president biden will be meeting with senior iraqi government officials as well as the political leadership here. iraq has been in a state of political chaos, deadlocked since the march inconclusive elections, unable to form a new government. this is causing some concern as the political vacuum created could be manipulate bid insurgents trying to regain their foothold. mrs. biden will be meeting with the troops as well as civilian embassy officials and she's going to be conducting a roundtable with iraqi women who teach english. there is also a delegation of u.s. senators made up of mccain, lieberman and graham. they
program this week. i will see you next week. . >>> a u.s. sail or reportedly killed in afghanistan and another is being held hostage. a live report just moments away. >>> a jamaican child is brought to the u.s. without legal documents. she leaves as an adult and applies for reentry into the u.s. the proper way but the u.s. won't let her back in. the compelling story. >>> at 5:00, one and done. more parents are stopping at just one child. find out why. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm rachel whitfield. we're learning more about the two sailors shot down in afghanistan. sources say they have located the body of one of the service members. cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins us on the phone from washington. what happened, barbara? >> reporter: well, the information is being very closely held by u.s. military officials, but according to what they have said, these two u.s. navy sailors friday night for some reason left their compound in the capital city of kabul, drove south and never came back. now, as of today, it is afghan and taliban sources who are putting together the
for the u.s. the whole exchange happened on an airport tarmac in vienna, austr austria. one plane headed east and the other headed west. matthew chance is in moscow with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the biggest spy swap since the end of the cold war has taken place on the tarmac of the airports in the austrian capital of view any. the plane carrying the ten confessed spies from the united states, confessed to working for russia. landed at the airport a short time ago. couple of hours ago now. it was followed quickly afterwards by an official aircraft from russia which was carrying four people pardoned by russian serving the lengthy prison sentences in russian jails for spying for western powers, including the united states. the exchange took place on the tarmac which men none of the -- people actually entered the country of austria. the one plane carrying the four from russia has taken off and landed, we understand, now from the united kingdom. the other aircraft carrying the ten russians arraigned in new york is still on its way back to the russian capital. >> this was all par
portable heat-seeking missiles against u.s. aircraft. secret commando units are working off a capture kill list of 70 insurgent commanders. julian is defending the move. >> the material doesn't reveal just cases by the u.s. military. of course, as the u.s. military is reporting on all the abuses by the taliban and suicide bombers and ieds going off and so on, so it does describe the abuses by both sides in this war. and that's how people can really understand what is actually going on and whether they choose to support it or not. >> joining me now from london, our senior national correspondent nick robertson and rezla sayid. nick, we'll start with you. does this compromise the security of our allies as members of the white house have clearly said? >> it certainly is going to have some sources looking at what they are saying, who they are saying it to and what are the consequences if they get caught as a result of these types of leaks in the future. if you are compromising your sources, then you are compromising your source. is anyone going to die as a result of this? well, the site that ha
, sandra endo there. joe biden grabbed a burger and fries with u.s. troops in iraq today. he's celebrating the fourth for the second straight year there and he's discussing the country's political future and withdrawal perhaps for your the us troops. >>> the president wants to draw down. cannery crowley asked if that means the nation building plan has been successful. >> it's never going to be san diego. it's going to always be the wild west. afghanistan is the same way. we're never going to make it like we are here. we don't want it like we are in this nation, so let them do what that i do nationally. make sure they're not a threat to us. that's it. >> in afghanistan, same question. how do you measure success. >> we all agree we have one commander in chief in the country. that's the instates. success in afghanistan is going to be identified by the government standing up and making sure there's security in theed you processes. >> in a ceremony this morning e he officially took chance. we have more from bagram air base on how some of those troops are sell bratd the fourth of july. >> report
pentagon correspondent barbara starr following it all for us. >> very few statements from the u.s. military at this hour. because by all accounts they are still pulling out all the stops to search for the sailor who is still missing. and believed the to be in taliban hands. afghan government officials in the province where all of this took place south of kabul, the capitol, say the bodies of one of the sailors have been found. he was apparently killed in the fire fight that broke out. the other sailor may be wounded. at this hour, in fact, they are still searching urgently for him. posters have been put up. rewards have been offered. they are scouring the region south of the capitol looking for any leads that they can. >> barbara, thank you. this year is shaping up to the be the deadliest for u.s. forces since the war in afghanistan began. 52 americans have died there this month. the high was 60 last month. we should also point out that the u.s. has more troops in afghanistan than ever before. the death toll for the year so far, 253. >>> tony hayward is on his way out. that is according to
guard. including a coast guardsman who xanded the first u.s. vessel to arrive in haiti after the earthquake, helping pave the way for one of the most complex humanitarian effort ever attempted, commander durham. this is the spirit of which adams spoke so long ago. you are the men and women who toil to defend these states. you are patriots. and you have earned your place among the greatest of generations. yet on this day we know that america's journey is not sustained by those in uniform alone. it must be the calling and cause of every american. so let us ensure that our troops always have the support that they need to succeed in the missions we ask of them, and that includes public support here at home. let us forge a national commitment to support our extraordinary military families, not just now, during war, but at have stage of your lives and thank -- thanks to michelle and joe biden for challenging us to do that. let us resolve as citizens to carry on the improbable experience that began more than 00 years ago. not simply declaring our principles but living them here at h
of a vacuum after this country's inconclusive march elections. the u.s. would like to see a government seated before that drawdown completes itself by the end of august. the u.s., of course, as we remember, drawing down to 50,000 troops. that is not a critical factor. i have been hearing repeatedly from the u.s. military, from senior administration officials, that unless something catastrophic takes place, that drawdown will stay on course. what we are seeing in iraq these days aside from the political bickering that is taking place is that drawdown happening in the complete and total intensity. it is overwhelming when you look at it. we are talking about the u.s. moving millions of pieces of equipment, hundreds of bases shutting down across the country. all of this very critical, being closely watched by rocky officials. there are wide sfrspread concer amongst the population. >> what we are seeing on dr. biden, she is not just there to shake hands and stand by her husband's side. she has a schedule of her own while she is there? >> that's right, she does. we are hearing that she is also goin
using shoulder-fired heat-seeking missiles to shoot down u.s. helicopters and other air crafts. these missiles helped afghan guerillas defeat the soviet occupation in the 19el 80s. there were a huge number of civilians caught in the cross fire in land and air operations and also seek let u.s. commando raids against taliban leaders, some successful, others resulting in civilian deaths. >>> again, one of the most devastating points in these documents is the allegation that pakistan's spy agency is supplying weapons, training and even planning some operations for the afghan taliban. now, on friday, i spoke with matt waldman, this is before these wikileaks were made. matt waldman is an independent analyst who, through his own research, has come to the same conclusion about pakistan's intelligence agency, helping the taliban. he has visited afghanistan numerous times, and interviewed taliban field commanders, taliban officials, foreign diplomats, and other analysts. here's part of what he told us. >> well, this is research that we conducted over six months, and as you say, we interv
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the headlines right now, vice president joe biden and his wife are spending the holiday weekend with u.s. troops in iraq. he'll also meet with iraqi leaders. >>> and general david petraeus is on the job as the new u.s. commander in afghanistan. he deliver add speech at the u.s. embassy in kabul today and then met with afghan president hamid karzai. >>> and building up america starts right now, tom foreman takes a closer look at innovative ways people and communities are coping in these tough economic times. >> the great wide west was the land of opportunity for pioneers and it still is. folks here are hearing the creeks and rumbles in the economy as much as anyone else. but they're also moving ahead despite all that. through technology, the arts, agriculture and so much more, building up america in their own western way. welcome on board the cnn express rolling through the land of enchantment. i'm tom foreman. new mexico is geographically a vast state. in terms of its economy, not so much. it's quite small compared to some of its powerful neighbors. there are only about 2 million people living h
. very few statements from the u.s. military at this hour, because by all accounts, they are still pulling out all the stops to search for the sailor who is still missing and believed to be in taliban hands. afghan government officials in the province south of kabul, the capital, says the body of one of the sailors has been found, that he was apparently, by all accounts, killed in the fire fight that broke out. the other sailor may be wounded, but at this hour, in fact, they are still searching urgently for him. posters have been put up, rewards have been offered, and they are scouring that region south of the capital looking for any leads they can. >> barbara starr following this story. barbara, if you get more information, welcome back to you. thank you so much. >>> right now the u.s. and south korea are in the middle of war games. and north korea is furious over it. the north threatened a nuclear response if they went forward, and it was just that threat that led to this show of force. here's more from seoul, south korea. >> even in the overnight hours here in south korea, the m
. in afghanistan, the new u.s. commander, general david petraeus is on the ground and getting right to work. in iraq, a fourth of july weekend surprise for u.s. troops. vice president joe biden and his wife are in baghdad in an unannounced visit. we'll have a live report in just about a minute from now. >>> but first t latest on the gulf oil disaster. bad news for south florida. a few government report warns that there is a good chance that bp's spilled oil will reach south florida within 20 miles of the beaches there in the florida keys, miami and ft. lauderdale in the next few months. and one more loss to report in the gulf. tourism dollars. cnn's reynolds wolf is in gulf shores, alabama. there are a have you stragglers on the beach. but hardly anyone would want to get into the water. how is this hurting this coastal community? >> reporter: a lot of people, one of the first things they want to do is head out in that water which is usually a beautiful aquamarine. but unfortunately, they can't do that. let's be honest about this, the situation could be like this, virtually empty. but instea
hearings surrounding bp. >>> and north korea's rhetoric against the u.s. is getting even hotter. pyongyang warned it would use nuclear deterrence and about 8,000 military personnel are expected to take part in the drill tomorrow off the south korean coast. the u.s. says the exercises are in response to the deadly sinking of a south korean ship blamed on the north. a former reporter with cnn and now a senior fellow at the university of southern california says it is possible this war of words could escalate even further. >> i think the north koreans know if they get into a serious shooting war with south korea and the united states, they're going to lose their regime and their system are going to disappear. so they're not interested in provoking that kind of war. on the other hand, when you have both sides engaging in saber rattling and muscle flexing, that's what this joint u.s./south korean naval exercise is, it's to deter north korea. there is the danger of an incident of one episode spiraling out of control. >> in addition to the 8,000 military personnel, about 200 aircraft and 20 ships
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york to break down the numbers from the u.s. census bureau. carter? >> reporter: so get this. here is the number of americans who own their homes. it is 66.9% right now. that is the lowest number since 1999. the paeg was 69.2% in 2004. doesn't sound like a big difference percentagewise but that's millions and millions of homes. that was the housing boom in 2004. remember that? money was cheap and easy to get. now everybody is unemployed. they can't pay their bills. homes are getting foreclosed on. and they are flooding the market. nearly 19 million homes were vacant in the second quarter. this counts homes for sale and, if foreclosures. many people are coping by moving in with family or renting. expiration of first time home buyer is hurting. second lowest pace on record. home prices are back where they were in 2003. the bottom line right now is that homeownership is not guaranteed very many it once was. during the housing boom, many people were looking at their home primarily as an investment. not a place that they were going to live for 30 years or more. i think that perspective
as we go about it. it is simply vast. no u.s. airline has bought the airliner yet. to answer your really important question, airbus has written off the majority of the money that it costs to design, develop and build it and they told me today they expect the new planes being built will break even by 2014 because they've written off the old debt. it's huge. >> it's a good sign for the economy when people are shopping for airplanes. you remember at the brink of the recession, fewer people were showing up at these things. >> reporter: yeah. and the really important thing, of course, that plane right in the middle, the 787, which is making its debut outside the united states, the dreamliner, that has sold 863 of them. that tells you the importance, not only for the puget sound and the northwestern united states but right through the midwest, through to chicago where boeing has its headquarters. the industry that builds that plane is crucial. that's why that plane is the star of this show. >> richard, come and visit us again. richard quest at the farnborough air show in england. good to see y
that they will use powerful nuclear deterrents to respond to joint u.s./south korean military exercises tomorrow. u.s. says the exercises are in response to the deadly sinking of a south korean ship blamed on the north. so after 1 1/2 years in office, president obama is still popular with african-americans but a new cnn opinion research poll suggests that he's much less popular with white voters. cnn deputy political director pi paul steinhauser has been crunching the numbers. >> reporter: let's start with president barack obama. more than nine out of ten say they approve of how mr. obama is handling his duties in the white house but 57% among hispanics and 37% among whites. according to the poll, six in ten say they think race relations will always be a problem. the number of whites is up five points from last year to 47%. what about the year and a half old tea party movement. about a quarter of you believe they are prejudice against minorities with another 35% saying at least some are prejudice. our polls all suggest those numbers clean when asked only of black respondents. >>> concerns about racis
ago that six u.s. service members have been killed in attacks today in afghanistan. our atia abawi is with us again from kabul. we heard the number six had been killed but most of these were separate incidents. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. absolutely right. another grim day here in afghanistan. six different incidents in different parts of the country proving that the fighting is widespread in this vast land. two u.s. service members were killed in southern afghanistan in separate ied strikes. that's roadside mines. one was also killed in eastern afghanistan by the same tactic. three others were also killed in eastern afghanistan, small arms fire, insurgent attack, as well as an accidental explosion. today, proof that the summer is intense here in afghanistan. the fighting will continue. this is a month after, just a couple of weeks after the deadliest month here in afghanistan since the war began enter 2001. 101 nato service members killed. that's the deadliest that this war has seen. many do expect that july and august may be worse. t.j.? >> it may be worse. like you mentioned
of some very valuable time. >> well, the war games resume. the u.s. have south korea conducting a second day of joint exercises off the korean peninsula, maneuvers involving 8,000 personnel. these are in response to the sinking of a ship in march of north korea has threatened a nuclear response. >>> the man that published leaked documents says there's evidence of war crimes. atika shubert looks at what's on the website. >> reporter: wikileaks is publishing what it says is more than 90,000 u.s. military reports filed about the war in afghanistan from 2006 to 2008. raw data from the front line, a day by day unvarnished view of the war by u.s. soldiers themselves. wikileaks will not say how it received the documents and cnn has not been able to independently confirm their authenticity but if confirmed, it would be the biggest leak yet of classified documents to wikileaks. >>> irresponsible is the word used by national security of course general james jones to describe the release of the documents. let's bring in barbara starr. what should we make of these documents? do they paint a comprehe
." >>> pressure to leave the u.s. department of agriculture, shunned by the naacp. we're pushing forward this story of shirley sherrod now she's telling us that we don't know the whole story. a youtube clip of her went viral. it's from an naacp dinner in march. >> there is zero tolerance for discrimination at the usda. i strongly condemn this. we are appalled by her actions just as we are with the abuse of power against farmers of color and female farmers. but sherrod says, hold on a second. that clip doesn't have context and doesn't tell the whole story. she actually called in to cnn's american morning to talk about her context. she said that we have totally missed the mark on this. >> we certainly don't have the whole story is what she's saying. when you take a look at that clip and play it for ben jealous with the naacp, they say clearly it would represent institutional racism. this took place on august 27th. shirley says, hang on here, i was recounting a story that took place 24 years ago. long before she joined the u.s. department of agriculture. here's what she told us this morning
,951 miles, the entire u.s./mexican border. so that's one-third of the border has this fence. so the way to compare it, if you have a fence in your backyard, and only covers a third of your backyard, things are going to get in and out and that's what proponents are saying, they want more fence, a stronger fence. so we kind of did a story of what it's like along the border. and what we found with no knowledge at all about how to sneak into a country, we found it was very easy to go back and forth between mexico and the ups at various points. not only where the fence is, because people climb over the fence, they weld holes through the fence, go under the fence, but we found points where you just walk around the fence. and while there are certainly hard-working border patrol agents everywhere and technology and also mountainous terrain, it's very easy for a novice, such as me, to go around the fence and go back and forth between the country. so there are a number of people here in arizona who are telling us, listen, we support this law that takes effect thursday, but perhaps we wouldn't nee
afghan sources that the missing sailor was wounded in a firefight with taliban militants, the u.s. military is offering a $20,000 reward for information on the abduction. >>> and this year is shaping up to be the deadliest since the war in afghanistan began. 52 service members have died there this month. the high was 60 last month and we should also point out that the u.s. has more troops in afghanistan than ever before. the death toll for the year so far is 253. >>> it's 6:00 in the morning in south korea and there's a major show of force going on right now. the united states and south korea's military both engaged in war games. t the four-day drill has grabbed north korea's attention, which was actually the point. cnn's ken law has more from seoul. >> reporter: even through the overnight hours here in south korea the u.s. military says that the exercises are ongoing and will continue 24 hours a day until wednesday asia time. it is a large joint military operation between south korea and the united states. 8,000 military personnel, some 20 ships and submarines and 200 aircraft in
for u.s. troops in the afghan war. names and faces for the victims. >> i'm drew griffin in for tony harris. those stories and your comments right here right now in the cnn newsroom. >>> let's start with the economy. the government's latest report on the health of the u.s. economy is out, and while there are signs the economy is growing, it's happening very slowly. what does that mean for one of ten americans out of work? carter evans on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the breakdown. it looks like the economy is growing at an an peoplic rate. >> the economy is growing at 2.4%, the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic activity in our country what does this report mean for the people looking for a job right now? it means more uncertainty and the problem with that is when things are uncertain, employers aren't hiring. let's focus on growth. our gdp -- this short shows you the growth. we have been growing. that is good news. just the pace, drew, is not as fast as we would like to see. >> and, carter, the growth rate is heading in the wrong direction with
u.s. units in iraq. we're going to be bringing you more of their story so good news to report there. >> exactly. some weather news that we're going to be tracking this morning and talking about it with jacqui jeras, chicago flooding, there has been some serious rainfall in the midwest, more than 13,000 people waking up without power. several streets and major highways were blocked throughout the day and firefighters had to use row boats to get access to some people. >>> also some scary video we are seeing out of germany, 1.4 million people trying to attend the same event and disaster happens. 19 dead in a stampede, another 400 injured. we're going to get more into this, show more of the video and explain exactly what was happening in germany. let's give you a look at some of the other stories making headlines. the exercises are under way off the coast of north korea. north korea meanwhile threatening action after the u.s. and the south koreans are actually engaged in joint military exercises that are going on just off the coast there of the korean peninsula. these exercises expected
-- roman polanski will not be extradited to the united. the swiss justice ministry says u.s. officials failed to provide all of the records needed for the transfer. polanski has been on the run from the united states since 1978 when he pleaded guilty to child sex charges. criminal defense attorney paul callan reacted to the news this morning. >> the extradition law is if the crime is a crime in the country where the person is being held, switzerland, in the same place the crime was committed, california, and this was rape, extradition will occur. switzerland is not to be looking at the underlying strength of the case, and polanski pled guilty here, so it is shocking that the swiss are not extraditing. >>> well, members of congress return to work today with an ambitious to-do list, financial reform, a supreme court nomination, whether to extend unemployment benefits. what makes it more challenging is the time line. they have about a month until their next recess. what do you think they should make their top priority? join of conversation with us at we will share some of th
for now, the big telethon, individuals in the u.s. meanwhile have pledged around $1.3 billion. you see the numbers, how much has been pledged and actually how much has been handed over and delivered there. a lot of aid has made it to haiti but 1.5 million people still homeless. some of the people in need the most or in need of most are falling through the cracks. that's the case at one orphanage it was visited by our dr. sanjay gupta. ♪ >> reporter: it is so striking in orphanages, smiles amid squalor. 350,000 orphans in haiti. best guess. many, like this little guy, don't even have a name. don't know how old he is. he's an orphan in this orphanage. among lots of other children. 40 to 50 at any given time. that's how many kids are taken care of. let me show you something else as well. look at this particular building. you just look at the floor over here. that's where they sleep. there are no bedrooms. find a place and sleep for the night. this is the kitchen. for all those children. this pot of beans is their food for the entire day. simply not enough. you take a look. they have to
for that was with u.s. regulators. again, tony hayward from the very begin trying to set the tone with the discussion about responsibility with this disaster. he was saying that bp's responsibility began and ended with that oil and with the compensation of the victims. >> david mattingly live in new orleans. thanks. bob dud sly a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry. he has been in charge since june. almost as important he's a native of the rimg only. he grew up in mississippi and often spoken of swimming and fishing along the coast. he says the cleanup effort is a personal mission. here's other developments. earlier this morning, bp announced a new tally on the cost of the spill. it lost more than $17 billion just in april, may, june. and compare that to the same time last year when it pocketed a profit of $4.4 billion. here's the latest time frame for shut down the ruptured well. first step of the static kill maneuver could begin as soon as early as next week. sealing it permanently from the bottom through a relief well. . that could begin by august 9th. bp fa
visiting with u.s. troops. let's go to baghdad. do we know where the vice president may have been at the time of these attacks? >> reporter: at this stage, they are not confirming the whereabouts of the vice president or the attack. nor are they saying where they are right now. all of this is for security reasons. they are saying that a small explosion happened. they are looking into the incident. when we asked them specifically about mr. biden's whereabouts, they said this attack caused no casualties or damage. iraqi police we are talking to are saying that they believe the cause of the explosions were three mortar rounds. if you remember in september when the vice president was here, there was an attack where mortaar rounds fell as well. the vice president there was this evening giving a speech and meeting with various iraqi and u.s. officials. all of this against a backdrop of the u.s.'s continued drawdown from iraq. remember they are trying to hit that target of 50,000 troops by the end of august. we heard earlier from the vice president where he was emphasizing the security g
orleans. >>> the u.s. military bars women from combat units. a congresswoman wants that to change since women are getting shot at anyway. she says the policy acts as a glass ceiling. >> reporter: a california congresswoman said if women were allowed into the infantry and other combat jobs it would open up more promotions and better prepare them for attacks and ambushes they are already facing. >> they don't get enough of that training. they don't get enough of that time. >> reporter: the army says all soldiers deployed to iraq and afghanistan get some combat-specific training such as convoy, live fire exercises. reaction to ambush, weapons training, combat life saver training and other skills. when what is in afghanistan i spoke with someone. >> we do this one drill where we have all our gear on, like a full combat load. we do a whole bunch of pushups and sprint and try to shoot so we understand what it's like to shoot under pressure. >> in the civilian world there is a reason human resource supervisors don't become ceos but sales executives do. they are directly involved in what that b
's been a deadly day for u.s. troops and coalition forces in afghanistan. six u.s. service members killed in several incidents. two u.s. troops died in bombings in southern afghanistan, two others killed in the eastern part of the country, one died in small arms fire, and another died in an accidental explosion. today's news follows a deadly trend. june was the deadliest month for international and american forces in afghanistan. we have new pictures to show you tonight on the cuban blog. they appear to show former president fidel castro. the website said the photos were taken on wednesday. they shou the 83-year-old meeting with people at the national center of scientific investigations in havana. it would be the first public appearance by castro since he underwent intestinal surgery back in 2006. he is closely linked to two of the 9/11 attackers and one of the most wanted terrorists. how to find him? why not check facebook. >>> also, a cnn exclusive, we're diving under the oil in the gulf of mexico to show you what the disaster is doing to marine life. >>> don't just sit there, become pa
response to questions today about the planned draw-down of u.s. troops in afghanistan next july. he previously predicted a lot of people moving out. those were his words by then. but says, that's not really a deadline. >> what i was talking about was, you have, we're going to have over 100,000 people there. >> more, right, if you include -- >> i'm just talking about americans, 140,000 people there. and there's going to be a draw-down of forces as we transition. there are 34 districts in afghanistan. and the plan is, as we train up the afghani, we're going to begin in august say okay, now you got this province, we no longer have to have american ornato forces in that province. there will be a transition. and really, what i was responding to was the idea that the president had been outmaneuvered. i was saying, make it clear. so it wasn't so much numbers i meant. it could be as few as a couple thousand troops. it could be more. but settle will be a transition. >> and as the vice president said, there are around 100,000 american troops in afghanistan. 39 have bell killed there this mont
, the first one is a phoenix police officer whose name is david salgado, a native-born u.s. citizen of mexican ancestry. his opposition to sb 1070 is based on several broad constitutional arguments. one is that the law violates the 14th amendment, which guarantees minorities full rights as u.s. citizens. the other claim is that the law conflicts with what's known as the supremacy clause of the constitution. he argue sths that it gives the federal government, not state and local police forces authority over immigration laws. he also says that the law is having a chilling effect on his first amendment rights to speak out against it. tj? >> well, casey, what does, i guess this also has to be kind of torn. because this is an officer of the law who wants to uphold the law, of course, but he's been asked to uphold a law that he doesn't quite frankly believe in. >> right, and officer salgado said he's in a dilemma and plans to not enforce the law because he believes it's unconstitutional. here's the dilemma, he said that could subject him to discipline from his employer, the phoenix police department
immigration law before it even kicks in. a u.s. soldier now facing charges. accused of leaking this classified video. and why is breaking up so hard to do? science might tell us. you really might be addicted to love after all. >>> you knew it was coming. the feds suing arizona. trying to stop its tough new immigration law. the law that among other things requires police to question people they think might be in the country illegally. it is supposed to kick in three weeks from tomorrow. justice department basically says hold on, arizona. you can't make your own immigration laws because that's washington's job. governor jan brewer says that's the problem. washington has not done its jobs and arizona is paying the price. >> we need the federal government to do their job. if they don't do it, arizona will. >> reporter: governor brewer says the doj is wasting taxpayer money fighting this law. that it should use the money to fight the violent mexican drug cartels that have bled over the border. doj's beef with the law might be constitutional but other critics say that it will encourage racial profil
report on the top secret world of u.s. intelligence, following a two-year "washington post" investigation. the intelligence community has grown so much since 1997, no one knows how much it costs. the sim put in place to keep the united states safe is so massive that it's effectiveness is impossible to determine. live to the pentagon and our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. good morning. where to start with this? any reaction there at your post to the story and "the washington post"? >> reporter: well, indeed, tony, there is. the director of national intelligence, pentagon officials, administration officials knew this article was coming. they had some concerns about it. what they are now saying is, look, we acknowledge that the intelligence community has grown significantly since the 9/11 attacks. that's what we had to do, they say, in the government. we know there's some inefficiencies, but they stand by the notion that they have prevented any major attacks in the united states since september 11. so that's all to the plus column. they say that they are working to try and identify in
. 's he has said he supports the president's plan to begin with drawing u.s. troops by next july based on conditions on the ground. >>> today, where possible, u.s. forces tried to do what americans all across the country spent the day doing, celebrating our independence. somehow, it means more in a country struggling for freedom. general with tray us led a celebration. for the u.s. troops, it was a taste of home. u.s. ambassador karl i can enberg berry took part of the celebration. joe biden spent the fourth of july in iraq. he met with leaders still in political deadlocked merely four months after national elections. vice president and his wife had a holiday lunch with u.s. troops. it was his second straight visit to iraq on the fourth of july. >>> to the gulf coast now, which is usually packed with tourists on the fourth of july. not the case this year, though. the oil disaster is keeping many visitors and their money away from those shores. our join zarrella is down in gulf shores, alabama right now. john, good to see you. at least there's plenty of room to lay out your beach towel.
of afghanistan. 6:00 u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan today. our tia abawi is live in kabul afghanistan. good morning to you. when we first heard this number six had been killed on the same day. a lot of us made the assumption there was one battle and one strike they were all killed in. the interesting thing here, these were all for the most part separate attacks. >> absolutely, t.j. it is another grim reminder of what's going on in afghanistan. the fighting is going on throughout the country. we got word that two u.s. service members -- at first, we just knew they were service members. were killed in two separate i.e.d. strikes in southern afghanistan. we got word of four more casualties later confirmed to be u.s. service members in the eastern part of the country in different attacks, one by small firearms fire. one by an insurgent attack in the east. one by an i.e.d. strike in the northeast. one by another accidental explosion. another grim reminder about what is going on in afghanistan. we had the highest isep death toll with 101 members killed. >>> it comes at a time wh
in the u.s. this morning, the president making his case for a way forward. >>> a former vice president, a masseuse, and a sex assault case reopened. what happened in portland? al gore's people speaking out. >>> we begin with those heavy rains and tornadoes that are pounding south texas as hurricane alex comes ashore. the season's first hurricane actually made landfall in northeastern mexico with 100-mile-an-hour winds. alex has weakened and it moved inland. it is now a tropical storm. still has the potential to trigger flash floods and mud slides. alex is having an impact on the oil spill cleanup hundreds of miles away. aftereffects of the storm could keep the skimming operation from resuming until this weekend. south padre island, texas, escaped the brunt of the storm but took a big hit. reynolds wolf is there. reynolds? >> reporter: what we have here is still plenty of wind, rain for the most part is gone. the waves continue to rock against the shores. some of these things have been monsters that have been coming along the coast here. the beach which used to stretch out towards the h
youtube. >>> as we said, it is our independence day here in the u.s., and in afghanistan, though, this fourth of july takes on an added significance. david petraeus now officially in charge after a ceremony there a few hours ago. >> now assumes command of the united states post in afghanistan effective 4th of july, 2010. >> petraeus, again, we know he got there at the end of last week. we know the senate approved him last week as well, but today makes it officially. he will formally assume command of international forces in afghanistan. petraeus replace general stanley mcchrystal after controversial comments he made in "rolling stone magazine." petraeus says he supports the president's plan to start withdrawing troops by july of next year, but he insists that decision still should be based on decisions on the ground. the conditions for now in afghanistan, kabul in particular, are patriotic. it's the fourth of july. they're celebrating there as well. general petraeus taking in independence dap celebrations held by the u.s. troops there. he was joined by u.s. ambassador to afghanis
street drugs like meth, crack, heroin. the u.s. drug enforcement administration is having a difficult time getting a grasp on the pill trade, so they start from the bottom, hoping to bust individuals and lead to corrupt doctors and pharmacies. >> we hope to pull them out of the market and do the buy-outside. >> reporter: where are we going to ride? in the back? >> the issue is in the mind of many prescription drugs is not as bad and it's not as dangerous, and in reality, it really is. >> the lexington market. >> we drove past it. >> we will park right around there. you can see the agents there on the corner with their jarkts on. >> they're taking them down, if you guys want to hop out here. >> reporter: you guys just busted how many people? >> i think it was two. >> reporter: two people. what we they selling youy they were selling an opiate blocker and it's hard to abuse, so anyone buying it and selling it is trying to fight the pain of withdrawal but even these pills have become a valuable commodity like an atm in a bottle. these prescription and pills are meant for someone with a pr
are looking at the u.s. coast e coast guard "resolute." that was our ride out here. it took us overnight from pensacola. now we arrived at our destination behind us here is the very spot where the deepwater horizon rig caught fire, sank to the bottom of the ocean and started that huge environmental and economic disaster. and this is a critical time. one mile beneath my feet testing is under way that could lead to capping the well. these images of the oil spewing into the gulf may soon be just a bad memory. but you wouldn't know it by what you see on the surface. quick observations of what we see out here. it looks like a small city of vessels. about 10, 20 large ships out there, two of them clearly producing oil. pumping it up from below. that's where we see the large flames erupting after they burn off the natural gas that comes up. i asked our coast guard escort to go in for a closer look. i wanted to see if there was anything going on that might show this catastrophe is turning a corner. this is as close as we could go. we are a mile away. why can't we get any closer? >> safety is paramoun
the crisis of violence on the u.s./mexico border reaching a tipping point. car bombs are becoming the weapon of choice. >>> another u.s. governor sent the national guard. it wasn't the way their week as summer camp was supposed to end. what happened on this busy kansas interstate sending dozens of children flying through a bus and holding on for dear life. >>> she have got pregnant in high school and her mom became a political star. posed nude. now they're back together. "us weekly" broke the story and we'll hear from an editor tonight. >>> it is day 89 of the gulf oil disaster and day two of zero oil gushing into the gulf. bp's integrity test of its new cap is now passed the 48-hour mark and will go on a while longer. david mattingly joins us from new orleans. david, why the extension of this testing period? >> reporter: well, that's just another evidence of all the caution that we're seeing throughout this entire process. 48 hours have gone by. there was no sign of any oil leaking as the pressure slowly continues to build up inside that well. everything acting just as they wanted to see. b
copia county. >>> a milestone in the afghan war. july now the deadliest month in the war for u.s. troops. more people are asking, is this fight worth the cost? >>> and we are coming back. that is president obama's message for the auto industry. we're tracking his trip aimed at boosting the big three. >>> but first, you have got to see this. this is one congressman saying he's not taking it anymore. here is what he said. anthony weiner, congressman of new york said today, maybe the brooklyn in me came out. he's referring to what happened last night on the flash of the house of representatives after a bill that he co sponsored didn't make it for procedural reasons. listen to him in his own words. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized. >> mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from new york, mr. weiner. >> great courage, to wait until all members have already spoken and then stand up and wrap your arms around procedure. we see it in the united states' senate every day where members say we want amendments, we want debate, but we're still a no. and then we stand
reform. >> bottom line is it is a lot more difficult to get across the u.s. mexican bord near the u.s. illegally than it used to be. >> a president obama makes the case to overhaul the country's immigration laws. his address in minutes, comes just weeks before arizona's tough new immigration law takes effect. . >>> images of sticky, smelly oil. our guests tell us how the bp disaster put a dent in their tourist-based businesses. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris, those stories and your comments right here, right now in the "cnn newsroom." >>> reformer in chief, president obama is set to lay out his vision for overhauling immigration laws. the president will deliver his first policy address on this very polarizing issue minutes are from now at american university school of international service in washington. let's do this. let's get to our senior congressional correspondent dana bash on capitol hill for us. and, dana, look, the president is about to open a conversation here in minutes, but is that conversation likely to lead to a new proposal of a new bill, of new law? >> reporte
in that gulf of mexico. and getting started may be the toughest part of the job. while onboard the u.s. coast guard "elm," cnn's rob marciano shows us how difficult it is. >> reporter: once the barge was in place, we had to lash the two vessels together. trying to tighten up this slack here. >> slack out. >> no, no, no. >> don't know if i'm helping but they need to make this as tight as possible. i can feel the tug pulling against me. >> we're about as good as we're going to get there. >> reporter: just doing that for 20 seconds. i'm exhausted, bro. we haven't even started. this whole process has taken hours. i mean, we're almost at -- into the arch and we haven't skimmed a thing or even deployed any sort of skimming equipment. it's given me a -- a real appreciation for what these guys are doing every day. you think -- you just come out here, you drop some boom and throw a vacuum cleaner on it and suck up the oil. there's so much more to it when you're talking about a project of this scope and a mess this big that needs to be cleaned up. it's painstakingly slow. the whole thing is slow, for s
million by the intelligence agency to provide information on iran's nuclear program. the u.s. says he was a willing defector. amiri left washington abruptly yesterday arriving in tehran to a hero's welcome. the "post" says the scientist has not ablimped to give the money back but night not be able to assess it after breaking off his deal with the cia. >>> a man believed to be faisal facade, pleading guilty in the failed times square bomb squad, uplinked from the aarabic paper. >> this attack on the united states will also be a revenge attack from all, for all the mujahadin and the oppressed people of muslim. for example, shahid as well as abu musab al zarqawi. i will take revenge on their behalf and hope that their hearts will be pleased with this attack. >> here's what al ar beah is saying that it physicallys him >>> and just enough help from republicans to pass a bill. you never know what's happening on capitol hill. live on capitol hill live, brianna keilar. you never know what's going to happen. a long time in the making, really. you were there when the economy was on the brink of
afternoon here in the cnn news room. i'm don lemon, in for veali velshi. >>> from u.s. to norway to the uk, to pakistan, as summer heat up, so do the terror plots. new arrests in a never-ending investigation, a widening investigation. >>> another stunner from the guy next door file -- first it was accused russian spies now it's an alleged serial killer. imagine the murderer dubbed the grim sleeper, living next door to you. >>> and how do you feel about a blind person behind the wheel of a car? a plan is in the works to teach the blind to drive and to break down another barrier. >>> we're going to start with this. we'll start with the terror suspects that have been arrested, some charged, some still not in custody. the ones arrested norway. the feds charge an alleged al qaeda operative with helping to mastermind the new york subway plot. and another terror suspect is arrested in britain, all examples of what authorities say is al qaeda's global reach. and continued determination to kill americans and their allies. here's what we know now. three suspects were arrested today, two in norway, o
out today. nato saying that two u.s. service members left their compound here in the capital of kabul friday afternoon, and then they went missing, and all of the information that they can give is that an investigation was under way, but as you said, an afghan intelligence official stating that they were actually abducted in logar province, logar borders the capital of kabul just to the south. and you know for the past several months, don, we've been talking about southern afghanistan, particularly helmand and kandahar provinces. talking about how volatile they are, how the taliban have an influence there. but what hasn't been mentioned is the taliban control in eastern afghanistan, including the province of logar. logar province is permeated with taliban fighters. the question that remains, many questions actually remain. and some of them include why these two service members actually left this compound of kabul by themselves and what is said to be nonmilitary vehicles, in fact suvs armored suvs and what they were doing in logar province by themselves. and it has been obviously a ver
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